Provide live virtual services to your customers

Provide live services

Offer live services to your customers in multiple ways using HD quality video and crystal clear audio. Enjoy easy-to-use controls for screen sharing, collaboration, and more with your audience

On-demand Requests

Using the ConnectNow feature, your customers can connect with you and request on-demand live consultations with just one click. Set your business hours to ensure customers can only connect with you during your working hours. When a customer requests an on-demand session, you have the option to either accept or decline the offer.

Scheduled Events

Choose between three types of preconfigured event formats: group interactive, webinar format, or class format. Events can be made private, which requires participants to join with a password or events can be public and open to anyone who wants to participate. Events can also be made free to register or require a participant to pay during registration.

Virtual Meetings

Host online, interactive meetings with HD quality video conference and crystal clear audio. If necessary, set up your meeting participants to require a password before entering the meeting. Use simple controls to do things like change presenter, mute all participants, block cameras, collaboration, and much more.

Video/Text Chat

Help your customers resolve any issues they may have quicker using a combination of live interactive video and instant chat. Launch a screen share with customers easily, and, securely exchange documents to efficiently address issues. Use collaboration tools to work together on the same document. Easily scroll through your chat history to refresh on prior conversations with your customers.

Invite Reviewers

Having more reviewers on your profile proportionally increases a potential client’s confidence to buy your service. Easily request your community to post a review and rate you on a scale of 1-5. The rating and review will be visible to your potential clients.